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Proudly supported by Skillworks, The Boston Foundation, and the City of Boston

CyberWarrior’s Cybersecurity Certification Boot Camp is funded with the support of Skill Works, The Boston Foundation, and the City of Boston.
Cyberwarrior Cybersecurity Partners Skillworks
Cyberwarrior Cybersecurity Partners Boston Foundation
Cyberwarrior Cybersecurity Partners City of Boston


Skillworks is a nationally recognized workforce funder collaborative and public/private partnership between the Boston Foundation, the City of Boston, launched in 2003 to improve workforce development in Boston and across the Commonwealth.

The Boston Foundation

The Boston Foundation is one of the nation’s oldest and largest community foundations. More than that, they are a center of overlapping partnerships and networks—of talented, generous, thoughtful and dedicated people—working together to make life better for everyone in the Boston region.

City of Boston

The City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development (OWD) is an innovative agency within the Boston Planning & Development Agency that seeks to ensure the full participation of all Boston residents in the city’s economic vitality and future. The OWD funds and oversees programs that promote workforce development through education, jobs training, apprenticeships, financial coaching, career pathways, literacy initiatives, and the like.

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