Cybersecurity Certification Program

Our Cybersecurity Certification Boot Camp Overview

Your 10-week Direct Career Path to a Valuable Cybersecurity Career

Our cybersecurity certification boot camp is a hands-on, intensive training program delivered by cybersecurity practitioners and white-hat hackers who provide you with real-world lessons and experience to successfully navigate the rapidly changing IT Security threat landscape. You’ll develop the technical competency to deliver immediate value to our sponsor employers, and you’ll learn how to constantly investigate new innovations to keep your skills relevant.

How the Cybersecurity Certification Boot Camp was Created

The Cybersecurity Certification Boot Camp consists of two modules: Technical and Professional Development.

The Technical module was developed by cybersecurity professionals with extensive, real-world experience. These experts prioritize the boot camp to focus on the knowledge and skills you need to fill high-demand cybersecurity positions that align with our NICE Framework of cybersecurity specialty areas.

The Professional Development module was developed by an industry-recognized business development coach with 20 years of experience in organizational performance. The curriculum will equip you with the social and professional tools needed to drive value in a corporate environment. The Professional Development module focuses the importance of emotional intelligence, personal brand, communication, and more. The CyberWarrior Academy’s mission ensures you gain the knowledge to earn highly sought-after cybersecurity certifications and acquire the technical and practical knowledge and expertise to solve real-world security threats.

What to expect from the Cybersecurity Certification Boot Camp

  • 10 weeks of instructor-led, full-time training (40 hours per week) including lecture and hands-on labs. You should also plan to invest an additional 20 to 30 hours of personal time each week for additional study and practice labs.
  • Classes take place in Boston, in-person, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.
  • Upon successful program completion, you will receive 4 certifications: EC Council – Incident Handler, EC Council – Ethical Hacker, EC Council – Network Defender, and Certified CyberWarrior.
  • You will also have access to professional development, job placement support, and access to Boston area industry leaders.

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