CWA Training Program

10 Weeks of Hands-on Classroom Training

The Cybersecurity Certification Program

Training includes technical labs in cybersecurity methods and procedures. The program also includes focus on your professional development. Your training is facilitated by IT Security practitioners and experts in leadership development.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with Boston-area IT executives who participate in your classroom experience. They will share information about opportunities and provide guidance and coaching to help you to successfully navigate your career path.

You’ll Earn Not One, but Four Cybersecurity Certifications

These Certifications Will Positively Set You Apart From Your Competition in the Cybersecurity Workforce

EC Council – Certified Network Defender

During weeks 1-3, you will develop a deep understanding of cybersecurity technologies and techniques to defend a network. Additionally your personal development work will focus on building trust with others. The combination of the technical and personal development modules for this certification provides you with the foundation for your next steps in the certification process.

EC Council – Certified Ethical Hacker

During weeks 4-7, you will gain knowledge on the type of attacks used by hackers to break into and compromise a network. The personal development focus for this certification focuses on Story Telling so you will learn how to combine facts and data and make them come to life with compelling stories.

EC Council – Certified Incident Handler

In week 8, you will learn how to identify, assess, respond to, and handle a cybersecurity incident. You will also become proficient with security policies and laws.

Certified Cybersecurity Warrior

During weeks 9 -10, you will take the skills you’ve learned in the previous weeks and put them to the test in simulated real-world scenarios. The professional development component includes creating reports and delivering presentations to “upper management.”

Certified Network Defender, Ethical Hacker, and Incident Handler

Learn More Than Just Technology

In addition to the Technical module of CyberWarrior Academy’s Cybersercurity Certification, a Personal Development module is a foundational part of the overall program. Your Personal Development will focus on and fine-tune your personal brand, your communication techniques, and your presentation skills.

Personal Brand

  • How are you perceived
  • How do you “show up”

Communication Skills

  • Core concepts
  • Handling conflicts
  • Writing skills

Presentation Skills

  • Making data come to life
  • Use of various media
  • Presentation delivery

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Cybersecurity Certification Program


Cybersecurity Certification Program