Proficiency in IT and Ability for Fast Paced Learning

Your knowledge level before the program will include proficiency across desktops, networks, and software.

Our recruitment focus is on professionals with intermediate and advanced skills as defined in the tiers below:

  • Beginner: Basic foundational knowledge with no experience. Can perform limited tasks using pre-defined procedures.
  • Intermediate: Working knowledge with 1-2 years’ experience. Power user. Can perform daily responsibilities but relies on expert for more advanced tasks.
  • Advanced: Practical administrative experience with 3+ years’ experience. Can manage architecture, configuration, health and availability issues, and lead others to perform those tasks.
  • Validation (i.e. certification)

CyberWarrior Academy’s Cybersecurity Certification program administers aptitude tests as an acceptance criteria into the program.

This will increase the likelihood of your success. Although passion and drive can overcome most obstacles, certain personality traits function as a good indicator of success – those include:

Curiosity: The desire to explore new things and different ways of using common items

Resilience: Ability to push through a steep learning curve and handle the frustration of guiding through undefined situations

Autodidactic Ability: The ability to self-teach… people with this ability want to spend their time learning and as such their brain is wired to absorb information

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