For Employers

A Cybersecurity Certificate Program Providing You with Trusted and Certified Cybersecurity Talent

CyberWarrior Academy is a social enterprise and workforce development program providing Cybersecurity professionals to employers, companies and organizations in the Greater Boston area.

We address your growing need for qualified information security talent and create long-lasting career opportunities for people that are self-driven and curious.

CyberWarrior Academy Aligns to NICE Specialty Areas and Work Roles

CyberWarriors Academy’s certified graduates learn and practice key skills recommend by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE).

  • Security Provision
  • Operate and Maintain
  • Protect and Defend
  • Analyze

Why CyberWarrior Academy?

  • Expertise and a track record bringing knowledge and insight
  • Technology, Industry Expertise, Knowledge and Certifications
  • Industry recognized content
  • Uniquely designed program combining industry accredited content with real world scenarios
  • Certification design are highly interactive and relevant to ensure practice, feedback and reinforcement occur
  • Facilitation mastery (Industry and facilitation expertise)
  • Dedicated Team – capable, talented and passionate
  • Technology and Learning partner for the long term
  • Entrepreneurial approach – we walk the talk

How Can You Get Involved?

  • CWA recruits candidates with a range of 3-5 years of IT experience
  • Candidates will have passed a technical and predictive index assessment prior to acceptance
  • Candidates complete 10-week CWA Cybersecurity Certified Boot Camp includes three nationally recognized certification programs from EC Council and additional professional development skills needed to engage and grow with your team
  • Student investment of $5,000
  • Your organization will have access to select a candidate from the program upon graduation from the 10-week CWA Boot camp

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