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The Cybersecurity Certification Program is 10 Weeks of Hands-on Classroom Training

The training includes technical labs in cybersecurity methods and procedures. The program also includes focus on your professional development. Your training is facilitated by IT Security practitioners and experts in leadership development.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with Boston-area IT executives who participate in your classroom experience. They will share information about opportunities and provide guidance and coaching to help you to successfully navigate your career path.

Our Cybersecurity Certification Boot Camp Admissions Process Includes Four Steps

  1. Submit your application today through our online assessment.
  2. Upon submission of your assessment, qualified students will be prompted to take a Technical Exam to measure their IT knowledge in areas like computer networking, use of commands and troubleshooting on Windows and Linux. You can prepare for the Technical Exam by reading books for CompTIA Network+ and A+ Certifications.
  3. Once you pass the Technical Exam, you will then take a Cognitive Assessment to measure your capacity to learn quickly, given the intense nature of the program.
  4. Upon successful completion of the Cognitive Assessment, your final step in the admissions process will be an in-person interview with CyberWarrior Academy staff and instructors.

CyberWarrior Academy in Boston discovers, trains, and empowers diverse cybersecurity talent through our unique, 10-week cybersecurity certification boot camp.

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