What sets CyberWarrior Academy apart from other training programs?
CyberWarrior Academy is a social enterprise and workforce development program providing cybersecurity training and career placement services. The training is intensive, hands-on and delivered by cybersecurity practitioners and white-hat hackers. Our students graduate with 4 certifications (EC Council – Incident Handler, EC Council – Ethical Hacker, EC Council – Network Defender, and CyberWarrior Certified), develop the technical competency to deliver immediate value to leading corporations, and learn how to constantly investigate new innovations.
What is the total investment?

Tuition is $17,895 USD for the entire ten week program including instruction, books, and labs

Is cybersecurity experience a pre-requisite for the boot camp?
No. While some technical skill or experience is required for CWA, cybersecurity experience is not a pre-requisite. Examples of the types of backgrounds we recruit from are: Technical Support, Network and Systems Administrators, Applications Support, Help Desk Analyst and Developers.
Do you have an online program?
We do not have online programs at this time.
Can I be a part-time student?
Not at this time. Currently, CyberWarrior Academy only offers a full-time curriculum. In addition to 40 hours/week classroom attendance, students will be required to spend an additional 20-30 hours per week studying and working in groups.
Will CyberWarrior Academy help me find a job?
Upon graduation, CWA will help you secure full-time employment with our corporate sponsors.
How do I prepare for the admissions process?
The admission process starts with an online application found here. Qualified candidates will then be provided with a technical test to measure the IT knowledge of the participant in areas like computer networking, use of commands and troubleshooting on Windows and Linux Oss. Students can prepare for this test by reading books for CompTIA Network+ and A+ certifications. Prospective students who pass the technical test, will then take a cognitive exam that measures each student’s mental performance and learning capacity. Candidates can prepare for this test by having a good night of sleep and keep their minds sharp for the day of the test. Those who pass the cognitive exam will then have an in-person interview. After the interview, the admissions committee chooses the incoming CyberWarrior class and admitted students are notified via email.
Can I reapply in the future if declined?
Yes, we encourage participants to re-apply when they feel their IT knowledge and experience has increased.
Does CWA accept International Students?
Yes, we do. International students can participate by paying for the full training in advance. Job positioning is contingent on their visa status at the time of graduation.
What does a day look like?
The boot camp was designed to be 40% class, 40% practical exercises, and 20% workshops and open discussion. We will focus on a different topic every day to ensure students understand the material. Students are expected to invest at least one more hour after class to read through the material and/or practice on their own.
How did we develop the program?
The program consists of both Technical and Professional Development modules. The Technical program was developed by cybersecurity professionals with extensive field experience. They prioritized the knowledge and skills necessary to fill in-demand cybersecurity positions that align with the NICE Framework. The Professional Development program was developed by an industry-recognized business development coach with 20 years of experience in organizational performance. This program equips students with the social and professional tools they need to drive enterprise value in a corporate environment. The Professional Development program focuses on skills like emotional intelligence, personal brand, communication, and more. CyberWarrior Academy’s mission is two-fold: to ensure students have the knowledge to earn highly sought-after cybersecurity certifications and to graduate professionals with the technical expertise to solve real-world security threats.
I'm an employer, and I'm interested in hiring some Data Security Analysts. How do I get in touch with you?
CyberWarrior Academy has two different models for engaging corporate sponsors and meeting their talent needs. If you’re interested in hiring our graduates, sending your staff to our trainings, or want to learn more, please contact our Executive Director Carol Roby.

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